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Dry N Shine are experts when it comes to making your car’s exterior sparkle. We also know how much a clean interior can add to your driving experience. That’s why we have added an extra step to our interior cleaning process which, includes a sanitization spray to help you get rid of all those nasty germs that sit in your car all day.

You spend a huge part of your life behind the wheel, so of course you want the interior of your car to shine. At Dry N Shine Auto Spa, our interior cleaning service will make sure you feel at home and comfortable on the road.

Our interior cleaning options come as part of a Dry N Shine Care Package, or a standalone Express clean.

ultimate dry n shine
care package

give your car an all-over spa experience

Our Ultimate Dry N Shine Care Package will leave your car sparkling on the outside and spotlessly clean on the inside.

ultimate dry n shine

what it includes

The Ultimate Dry N Shine Wash includes everything you'd expect from a premium car wash experience, plus:

- Foam FX Presoak
- Tri-colour Foam
- Dry N Shine Super Finish
- Ultra Max Wheel Treatment
- Dry N Shine Drying Process

Ultimate express
interior shine

what it includes

As part of our Ultimate Dry N Shine Care Package, the Ultimate Express Interior Shine Treatment includes:

- Interior Windows
- Cup Holders
- Pressure Air Vent Cleaning
- Window Trim
- Vacuum Floor Mats or Pressure Wash Rubber Mats
- Wipe Rims
- Vacuum Floors and Seats
- Hand Dry Exterior
- Air Freshner
- Dash, Console, and Door Panels

additional services:

- Pet Hair Removal starting at $6
- Third Row Vacuuming: $5
- Tire Dressing: $5
- Cargo Area Vacuuming: $5
- Floor Mat Shampoo: $4 each

Get Ultimate Dry N Shine Wash
(Individual price $20)
Ultimate Express Interior Shine
(Individual price $39.99)



+ tax

*important things to note about our
ultimate express interior clean*

Please note that shown prices are subject to change without notice. Some cleaning services/stains may incur and added cost if extra care is required to tend to your vehicle.

Please be sure to consult with one of our team members and/or customer service clerks prior to purchase if you are unsure on the costs associated with your vehicle's cleaning.

Please also note that dog hair may require extra effort and may incur an additional cost to remove.

For your consideration, in-vehicle touch screens and/or monitors will not be cleaned due to risk of potential damage.

Rim wipe and Dry Exterior are not part of an interior clean.

Prior to cleaning, please ensure the following has been completed:

- All cupholders emptied
- Ashtrays in open position
- All valuables removed from the vehicle
- All electronic devices removed from the vehicle

Please be aware that this provided service is performed within a limited amount of time as it is an express cleaning. Expectations of this service's results should be based on the condition of your vehicle prior to purchase and cleaning.

The purchase of this wash package is available up to 15 mins before Dry N Shine closes.


If you have any questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page


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